Snow. Igloo. Fractal.

While observing the family unit, in its biographical sense,

Boulud dives into the depths of the psychological architecture of classical structures and Formations from the world of photography

Which include components like, face, camera, body, lens.

While dismantling and reassembling, Boulud examines the possibility of creating revised DNA. New, from scratch, from zero evidences.

This is a pipping window into a night journey, in which an imaginary crime scene takes place

Drawn from the visual cinematic worlds of the 1980s

With an emphasis on the area of ​​her childhood and the "children of the North" who grew up in America and remained wandering around the world.

Here are the evidences.

the crime scene.

the missing kids.

one thing leads to another.

the witnesses.

play time.





gallery view.