Studio " rethinking visual" is a collaboration
between Laetitia Boulud & Alex de Jong

Visual artists Laetitia Boulud (Israel)

and Alexander de Jong (Netherlands)

founded Rethinking Visual as a lab in 2009.

Central to our research is how, as humans, we bend and mold our “natural”

mode of perception. our experiments trace, map and scan the patterns of nature,

and of the human-animal, using the syntax of ritual expression. This happens with “photographic” means:

we sharpen and direct the gaze, we notice, collect and select from Nature.

We track what has been left behind and we translate these human remains

into artifacts: these may be prints, objects or soundscapes, time-based tracing

of symbolic or literal gestures.

Our installations are always site-specific.

Those who are and that which is present, we invite to the process of making,

to experience our constructed semblance of the natural world.

Both coming from Buddhist practice, we highlight the transience of man’s existence on this earth.