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From the void and state of emergency, it’s the path that counts in my making.

my starting point comes from a long lineage of traditional photography.

in my practice, I stretch the boundaries of the classical print format and often

transform the original image into a 3d object. 

I collect pieces of evidence, that have become part of a large scale body

of work, that I call "what we leave behind".  these pieces of evidence integrate

into my projects. focusing around the architecture of things, like the inside of

a camera, inside of an igloo, inside of spaces, and how we fit in there, my fields

of research become tight, edgy, and super-specific.

after having examined those spaces - I do a re-mapping of them all.

involving acts of erasing/re-building, in a loop, I aim to create a fictional, new

narrative, a DNA code, made from zero evidences.

my way of looking, the process of making and approaching subjects,

is connected to my genetic code, which includes dualities.

I believe that in many ways, art acts as a surgeon's knife, or wants to do that,

or needs to do that, so I aim to be truthful and extremely dedicated to this role

"…Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other.

It is as if I had words instead of fingers or fingers at the tip of my words. My

language trembles with desire.. "( Roland Barthes.)




Laetitia Boulud, Photographer

​Born, Montreal, 1975.

Lives & works in Tel-Aviv. 

Education /

 1992 - 1997 - Camera Obscura School Of Visual Arts Tel-Aviv

Exhibitions /

2019 /  “Hotel Utopia” Group Show, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Curator: Dana Gillerman, Tel- Aviv

2019 / “The Kitchen” Group Show, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Curator: Keren Bar-Gil, Tel- Aviv

2019 /  “Evidence Zero”, Solo Show, The Art Lab, Curator: Keren Bar-Gil, Tel-Aviv

2010 - 2019  / "Keren Bar Gil Seasonal Salons"  Tel-Aviv / London

2015  / “Brown Lab” - Contemporary Israeli Art  Tel-Aviv

2015  / “Numero 13” - Contemporary Israeli Art  Tel-Aviv

2013  / “Heat Wave” - Contemporary Israeli Art  London

2013  / “The Hours are Breathing faint and low”

                Studio Re-Thinking Visual, Dit Eiland Gallery  Ameland Netherlands

2012  / A_LIVE// for the “white night Tel-Aviv”. curator: Ruth Patir, Maze 9 Tel-Aviv

2011  / “Be Quiet Eyes” studio Re-Thinking Visual, Dit Eiland Gallery  Ameland the Netherlands

2010  / “Longing for Sight”  studio Re-Thinking Visual, “contemporary art center (BAC), Geneva

2010  / "Be My Guest" The Diaghilev  Tel-Aviv

2009  / “Where The Fashion Is Art" Raw-Art Gallery  Tel-Aviv

2009  / “Plan B" Primitive showroom  Tel-Aviv

2009  / Design Space Contemporary Israeli Art  Tel-Aviv

2008  / "Future repertoire". Many institutes. Curator: Doron Polak  Tel-Aviv

2008  / “Secret art project". Many institutes. Curator: Doron Polak  Tel-Aviv

2008  / "Nisuy Kelim". curator Moran Shuv  Tel-Aviv

2007  / "And Then There Is Life". Amahoro Gallery  Saint-Marten

2005  / “Papa” Moti Golan studio  Tel-Aviv

2005  / “Appetite” French Institute  Tel-Aviv

1997  / "Introducing Teachers". Dada Gallery  Tel-Aviv

1995  / "White Night". Lilienbloom Space. Curators: Nir Nader & Erez Harodi  Tel-Aviv

 Publications /

2015  / Norient book of sound artists 

2011  / Allergy To Consciousness, Evidence One

2008  / A5 Magazine, portrait issue

2007  / "White Book", L.B Publications

​​Work / 

Freelance photographer

2007- now  founder, co-owner & partner of  “Rethinking Visual” studio with artist Alex de Jong

2011- now  founder, co-owner & partner of  “Moonshine Nation” studio with art director Mickey Matalon

2015 - now In house photographer, content creator & social media manager for the high-end

concept store: Número13TLV