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From the void or state of emergency,
it’s the path that counts in my making.

The crumbs that we leave behind.
Those imprints.

in that sense, my way is rather contemplative
It invites people to introspection

Hard and long-looking, carefully yet shamelessly

It works around my dualities

Around the inner structure, the architecture of things.

The inside of the camera, The inside of an igloo.

The inside space and how we fit in there it

Focusing on the mapping of it all

Some fields become tight and specific.

The act of erasing
That nothingness / This fullness

To me, it's about that rough cut

The art of making, the ceremony, the ritual

In many ways, art is a surgeon’s knife or wants to be, 

or needs to be. and so it makes it possible to take care of demons.
Heal and Kill.

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